Top Ways to Brighten a Dark Bathroom Space

Most of us tend to start our day in the bathroom area. Some of us are fortunate enough to have a full-lit bathroom space that accentuates the overall look of the area. However, the stark reality is that majority of us have dark and dingy bathrooms that tend to bring down the overall mood of spending time in the bathroom. It is imperative to have a well-lit bathroom space that can set your mood right in no matter of time. It is all about making the right use of the available bathroom accessories including the sanitary wares and several more to bring some life to your bathing space. Have a read at some of the top tips:

  • Accentuate the Layout: The bathroom layout can play a significant role in brightening up the entire space. The layout of the sanitary ware in the bathroom must maintain a sense of flow and brightness into the available area. You can install the shower along with the taller storage at the back of the space to minimize their impact. Moreover, you can go for installing the glass shower enclosures to avoid any darkness in your bathroom space. If your sanitary ware includes a bath tub, then you can place the same beneath a window space to let in more natural light into the overall area.


  • Consider the Shade: Even if you do not have ample possibilities to introduce light into your bathroom, you can still highlight the overall décor by choosing the right combination of shades. You can consider going all white in the décor to bring a feeling of brightness into the bathroom. In combination with white, you can bring about an infusion of glass enclosures to induce light into the arena. You can go for installing the glass shower panels with different textures and patterns. This will amplify the overall beauty of your bathroom as well.


  • Reach for the Sky: If your bathroom space happens to be directly under the roof area, then you can consider the fitting of a skylight option. The skylight feature of the modern bathrooms tends to bring ample light into the overall space by introducing natural light into the area. Wouldn’t it be great to witness the natural feel of bathing under the sky? If the skylight is not feasible, then you can consider installing the sun pipe into the bathroom space. This will uplift the overall lighting as well as the stylish factor of your bathroom.


  • Fake It: If you cannot introduce natural lighting into your bathroom, why not bring some artificial lighting into the area? There are a plethora of attractive options for installing spectacular chandeliers and pendants into your bathroom. Moreover, you can also introduce a mirror recess that gives the impression of a fake window. For the bathroom with high ceiling, you can opt for the false ceilings with interior lightings. This technique tends to enhance the décor of the bathroom by infusing attractive lighting in every corner of the bathroom.


Bathrooms are the most private areas of any household. However, owing to its importance in our lives, it is imperative to keep it lightened. In addition to the lighting, you must pay attention to the overall décor of the bathroom including the sanitary products as well.


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