Top Trends of Hardwood Flooring to Dominate Your Home Décor

Wish to install wooden flooring in your home? Hardwood flooring can be a great option to accentuate the overall décor of your home. If you are looking forward to imparting a bold and attractive e look to your home, then you can tray installing the real wood flooring at your home. There are several advantages offered by the hardwood flooring in comparison to the standard tile or marble flooring. If you too have deiced to install the same in your house, then you must know about the recent trends that are steaming the décor of the most stylish homes of this era. Have a look into some of the hottest and running trends of the season:


  • Dark Stained Wooden Floors: Wish to make a statement? The dark stained wooden floors with contrasting bright whites can have a great and significant impact on the enhancement of the overall ambiance of your home. The dark floors are indeed beautiful and can make your room appear cozy and comfortable. To design your home in the most stylish manner, you can gift your home an espresso brown colored wooden floors that might be the trend through years from now.
  • Blonde Wooden Floors: The blonde wooden shades and textures are usually between the extremes of shades like the darkest and the lightest. The light, blonde wooden flooring that usually resembles the bamboo flooring is gaining great impetus in the recent trend. The lighter blonde wooden flooring can brighten the entire space. It can even serve better than the natural light to highlight the entire décor of your home.
  • Gray Wood Floors: Gray is special. Gray can never go out of the trend. Gray is here for the long haul. Gray colored hardwood floors have been the trend for some time now. With the immense style and elegance offered by the gray wooden floors to the entire décor, you can consider installing the same in your household to achieve the desired designer look.
  • Distressed Wooden Floors: The distressed wooden flooring is the talk of the season. These come in a variant of shades from the lighter tones to the darker tones. It can even impart a classic and refined look to the overall look of your home. You can never go wrong with the distressed hardwood flooring that adds much value and status to the overall décor of your home.
  • Matte and Satin Finishes: The shiny and glossy finishes for the wooden flooring are out. Now is the time for the matte and satin finish. Some of these are also driven by the water borne poly in addition to the oiled floors and the wire brushed finishes. Some it also contains the horned look in poured concrete and granite counter tops.
  • Wire-Brushed Hardwood: The wire-brushed hardwood floors offer an authentic and weathered look to the entire décor of your home. It offers an etched look that can impart subtle textures while maintaining the smooth surface of the real wood flooring.


Planning to install hardwood flooring in your home? You must know about the recent trends that are running steamy among the top interior designers to highlight your home décor. Do not miss out on them and make the best of these trends.


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