Top Bathroom Tiles Tips for Smaller Spaces

Planning to renovate your bathroom area? The bathroom tiles along with the floor tiles can play a pivotal role in enhancing the overall décor of your bathroom. It is quite difficult to select the right set of the bathroom tiles that can perfectly fit the bathroom space and yet look classy at the same time. Bathrooms tend to be the smaller spaces in the household in comparison to the other areas of the house. There are several factors to be considered while making this selection that might include the design and the functionality aspects of the bathroom area. If you too are confused about making the rightmost selection of the bathroom tiles along with the floor tiles for your bathroom, then you can take help from these effective tips for designing your small bathroom space:


  • Go for Diagonal, Lighter and Larger Tiles: The main focus for choosing the bathroom tiles should be to make the overall space look larger. There are three basic rules for selecting the bathroom tiles like diagonal, lighter and larger parameters for making the rightmost selection. When you are choosing the decorative bathroom wall, floor or shower tiles, then you can go diagonal that will make the overall room quite larger in dimension. This would also add style and class to the overall bathroom décor if you would go for attractive diagonal bathroom tiles. Another great way to accentuate the overall décor of the bathroom and make it appear larger is to go for the lighter tiles. You can go for lighter shades like white, cream and various other hue combinations to impart a soothing appearance.


  • Keep Consistent Color of the Tiles: Another great way to increase the overall size of the bathroom area is by the installation of the floor tiles along with the wall and shower tiles of consistent color. Opting for varied color combinations can make your bathroom look restricted and confined. Therefore, you must opt for the similar color combinations to make the boundaries less noticeable.
  • Extend Shower Tiles to the Ceilings: If you wish your bathroom area to look grand, then you can extend the bathroom tiles from the shower panel to reach the ceilings. This would produce an expansive feel to the overall bathroom. In addition to this, the tiles reaching to the ceiling would grab the attention and will draw the same upwards that gives the impression of a bigger bathroom area.
  • Make Use of Glass Tile in the Shower Area: Another great way to utilize the bathroom tiles in accentuating the overall bathroom look and making it appear bigger is by making use of the stylish and glamorous glass tiles on the shower wall. Glass tiles would reflect much of the light entering the bathroom and would thus give an optical illusion of a bigger bathroom. You can expand the bigger bathroom appearance by combining the glass tiles along with the skylight appearance or even the frosted window glass that enhances the overall décor of the bathroom area. This would allow much of the natural light to come in the bathroom and impart a larger feeling.


Wish to enhance the overall look of your smaller bathroom space? You can make use of the designer and stylish bathroom tiles and floor tiles to achieve the same.


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