Best Tips to Maintain the Hardwood Flooring

With the advancement of the modern décor, everyone wishes to modernize the entire look of their homes with the employment of the wooden flooring. Do you also wish to install the wooden flooring in Bangalore? Maruthi Ceramics offers the best and the most reliable flooring solutions when it comes to the enhancing the décor of the house with hardwood flooring.


While the real wood flooring might amplify the overall look of the house, it is imperative to acknowledge the fact that this kind of flooring also requires a great deal of maintenance and cleaning. Hence, the users are required to brainstorm before the installation of the hardwood flooring in their homes. Have a read on some of the simple ways to keep the uptight quality of the real wood flooring:

  • Determine the Kind of Wood Finish: Before you set to clean the hardwood flooring at your house, you must be aware of the type of wooden finish that has been used in it. The ones with slightly raised edges are spotted as the prefinished wood quality. There stands a great confusion between the glossy and shiny wooden flooring. You can test the wax over your wooden flooring by moistening a woolen piece of cloth and then rubbing it across the wooden area. You have a wax finish installed if a light gray smudge appears on the hardwood flooring. With modernization, many of the real wood flooring come with urethane, polyurethane or polyacrylic coating which makes it easier to clean the wooden flooring. These coats are also stain and water resistant.


  • Sweep the Floor Gently: Wooden floors are sensitive by nature and once a crack or deformation might occur, it is difficult to restore the same by natural means until it is replaced completely. Therefore, while cleaning the hardwood flooring, it is recommended to wipe the wooden floor with a soft-bristled broom. This is helpful in removing the larger dust particles including dust or sand and does not even scratch the floor within. The best alternative to this technique could be vacuum cleaning the wooden floor by means of which all the hidden dirt particles also get removed with much ease and by causing no harm to the real wood flooring.


  • Maintain Periodic Cleaning: Hardwood flooring which might have gaps in between them for the designer pattern tends to accumulate a greater amount of dust in a short duration of time. Hence, it is recommended for the home dwellers to maintain the cleaning routine of the hardwood flooring on a periodic basis to ensure proper hygiene and durability of the wooden flooring. The hardwood floors are relatively easy to clean and thus it is suggested to sweep or vacuum clean them on a weekly basis.


  • Wipe Out Any Stain Instantly: While the hardwood flooring is easy to clean, the home dwellers must be alert with certain items which might cause staining to their wooden flooring. If by instance, any such item falls over the wooden floor, it is recommended to wipe it out immediately to prevent the retention of the same by the wooden floor. A permanent floor stain would degrade the décor of your home and you would consider the options like bleaching or replacement of the wooden portion.


  • Select the Right Cleaning Agent: The hardwood flooring is not like any marble or the tile flooring which can bear the hardness of the strong cleaning agents. They need to be treated with sophistication and thus the users must make the rightmost selection of the cleaning agent for cleaning their wooden flooring. It is suggested by the experts that to choose a pH-neutral or water-based cleaner to ensure the quality and the durability of the wooden flooring.


  • Rinse the Floor Properly: If you assume that you have done your part of cleaning the hardwood flooring of your home, you must also consider the role of rinsing the wooden floor properly to ensure that no water remains on the floor. Excessive water would tend to degrade the quality of the wooden floor over time and this might call for a frequent replacement of the wooden floor. Hence, it is recommended that the users must rinse off the wooden flooring with a clean piece of clothing or mop after it has been cleaned.



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