The Changing Sanitary Ware Trends in India

A few decades ago, most of the houses I went to had very simple bathroom accessories. In fact bathrooms were the one place that a lot of people weren’t very proud of in their homes. Back then, even a shower used to be a true luxury for many homes. Basic taps and an Indian-style pan was what I saw in most houses. Not many people thought of bathrooms to be a place to show off. Now fast-forward into today, and every home I go to, has a bathroom that is beautifully organized. With exotic bath tubs or beautiful shower panels, everything has changed in the way we view bathrooms today. Sanitary ware trends have made a phenomenal change over the last few decades.

While I completely agree that development is in the air and we see it happening in almost all industries, I think sanitary ware has come a long way from what it was. Every house today has somehow realized the importance of elegant sanitary products, and keeping in mind that these things are going to be used for years, people are starting to find reason in investing money in the best product instead of just picking something cheap.

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Bathrooms didn’t relate to beauty as much in the early days, but now, it is all about stepping into a beautiful space where you can relax in a hot tub or take a steamy shower after a long day’s work. People are beginning to notice why it is important that they make their bathrooms beautiful. Another reason that has spurred the change in trends for sanitary wares is the level of urbanisation the country is going through. A lot of small towns are gradually growing into cities and many popular brands are beginning to open their showrooms or sell their products through dealers to these towns.

With an unprecedented rise in the use of internet, the world has become a smaller place. This means designers and designs are now able to reach people and places which would have otherwise been close to impossible. Many people look up the internet for inspiration when it comes to designing or setting up their bathrooms. This may be the reason why more homes pick western commodes over Indian toilets these days. Designer faucets and showers are becoming a trend too. After all who doesn’t love the look and feel of luxurious faucets, taps and showers?

Where the average Indian seemed to be doing fine taking a bath from bucket water some decades ago, we could hardly imagine doing that any longer because of the presence of showers and bath tubs in our bathrooms. These trends are definitely a positive outlook of the way India has changed over the few decades. We have embraced modernism and our sanitary ware is undoubtedly one of the places in which we can see our perspective of design and décor in today’s world. This is one of the reasons why Indian markets are being considered as one of those markets with a lot of potential for growth in the sector of sanitary ware.




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