Choosing the Right Bathroom Tiles for Your Home or Office

I had always imagined that choosing tiles for my bathroom will be easy – white for the floors and blue for the walls. But then we eventually decided to renovate our bathroom and I realized that there were no less than 100 types of whites and an equally same number of blue tile types. Where did it leave me with the selection? Nowhere. I wasn’t sure which one would suit better and in the end I caved in to my daughter’s choice of yellow sunflowers. All the blues and whites I had thought of, was easily replaced with the bright yellow flowers. While my bathroom looks bright and beautiful, I hoped that I had a better idea of what to expect when picking tiles. This is why I have come up with this list of tips for choosing bathroom tiles.


  1. Do you have a dream tile in mind?

If you already have a favourite colour or texture in mind that you would like to pick, then choose the other tiles around that tile. We kept the white floors from my dream design and matched them with the sunflower tiles my daughter had picked. When you have a base to build on, things can get easier. It can be a unique accent tile that you want to see in your bathroom or the floor tiles that you would like to have.


  1. Keep it to a mix of three tiles

Do not mix more than three tiles for your bathroom. Pick the floor tiles, the wall tiles and an accent tile or border tiles. It is not important for you to stick to the rules of which tiles to be used where. Pick the colours you like without limiting yourself to the usual norms of colour matching. You can pick contrasts or shades of the same colour depending on how you would like to design your bathroom.


  1. Pick a specific show stopper

Stick to just one variety of bright tiles. This will help your bathroom look impressive and timeless. If you like too many of those accent tiles then it is better to pick the rest for other bathrooms rather than use all of them in one bathroom.


  1. Keep maintenance in mind

Maintaining a bathroom is important. Some tiles are easy to maintain while other require more maintenance consideration. Keep these things in mind while picking the tiles. If you do not have the ability to spend too much of time maintaining a bathroom, then pick tiles that are easy to maintain.



With these simple factors in mind, buy bathroom tiles that will make your bathroom look beautiful. Do not get confused by the huge options the market has for you. Be specific of the design you would like to accomplish and stick to the colours you want to see in your bathroom. It will help you pick tiles that meet your requirements, perfectly.


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